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Ferries Morocco


North Africa, Arab pride and culture to be discovered and appreciated by ferrying to Morocco.

Ferries to Morocco from Italy and Spain

I ferries to Morocco are increasingly used by those who want to visit this wonderful nation of the North Africa. Travelling to Morocco by ship is easy thanks to the two companies - GNV and Grimaldi Lines - which connect Italy and Spain with Morocco.

It is possible to leave for Morocco from the main Italian ports on the Tyrrhenian Sea (Genoa, Savona and Civitavecchia, Salerno and Palermo) or from Barcelona.

The crossing to Morocco by ferry varies in length depending on the route and company. The ports of call on the North African coast are Tangier and Nador.

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Ferries from Italy to Morocco

Tourism to this North African country has been increasing steadily for years and more and more tourists want to reach by ferry fromItaly Morocco starting with their own car, motorbike, van or camper van.

The number of weekly routes is increasing and are available several departures within the week from various ports in Italy to Morocco.

For example, you can leave by ferry from Savona and Genoa for Tangier.

Ferries from Spain to Morocco (temporarily suspended)

I ferries connecting Spain with Morocco are numerous given the proximity between the two countries. By ship it is possible to leave Barcelona for Tangier and Nador and arrive in approximately 30 hours of navigation.

Ferries from Barcelona to Morocco are equipped with all comfort to enjoy the crossing in comfort and relax.

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Ferries to Morocco

Routes, timetables, routes and all important information

We have seen how easy it is reaching Morocco by ferry from Italy and Spain. Let us now delve into the most important routes with the information needed to choose and book.

Ferry Genoa Tangier

I Genoa Tangier Med Ferries are managed by the company GNV (Large Fast Ships) organising 3 weekly itineraries for those who want to reach Tunisia from Genoa. Navigation takes on average 50 hours and the ferries on this route have first-class services that guarantee the ultimate in comfort for you and your pets. It is possible to travel with dogs and cats thanks to the 'Pets Welcome on Board' initiative.

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The Moroccan coasts present all the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate: the summers are hot and sunny and the winters mild. Proceeding inland, the climate becomes desert-like, with very high temperatures that, especially in summer, can reach 47° Centigrade.



A bustling city by day and by night. It is a meeting of different but well-blended realities, living in perfect balance. Visit the ever-changing Djemaa el Fna square at different times of day to discover new faces, be enchanted by the wonders on sale in its souks and relax in one of the many hammams.


No less than 7 kilometres of beach that changes from being clear to being dark, creating an incredible contrast with its crystal-clear waters and colourful fish that come within a few metres of the shoreline. Agadir is a city full of entertainment and places to visit (e.g. the Kasbah, the Medina, the hammams).



tomato, onion and legume-based soup, with a mix of herbs and spices (predominantly corriandolo and saffron), slightly spicy.


Raw semolina grains steamed and served with stewed vegetables, meat or fish.

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