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Ferries Albania



A nation that has suffered greatly from the political choices of successive governments over the years, it is now making a name for itself on the European tourist scene for its natural beauty, its hospitality and its being a meeting point of various cultures.
You can reach its major ports by travelling with four shipping companies. Below you will find an orientation chart to organise your trip to the land of eagles.

Ferries Albania

Ferries from Ancona, Brindisi and Bari to Albania

I ferries to Albania are the most frequently used means for those wishing to visit and reach the land of two eagles with one's own car. Albania is one of the countries that from being unknown to many is becoming over time tourism and travel destination. La beautiful coastline, the nature unspoilt and the warmth of the people have increased the number of ferries to Albania exponentially over the years.

Ferry Companies to Albania by Ferry Adria Ferries, Ventouris Ferries, ES e Red Star Ferriesin fact, they guarantee daily itinerariesas far as 20 routes per week during the periods of highest demand, both in day and night navigation.

Reaching Albania by ferry from Italy is easy and can be done from major Adriatic ports such as Ancona, Bari and Brindisi. Ferry destinations in Albania are Durres, Saranda and Vlora.

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Ferries to Albania

Timetables, routes, periods and useful information for booking your ferry

I ferries to Albania that you can in a few clicks book on will allow you to reach beautiful Albania in just a few hours of navigation and with maximum comfort. Ferries from Bari to Durres, from Toast to Vlora o ferries to Saranda are chosen every year by thousands of tourists curious about the beauty of one of Europe's lesser-known nations.

Albania is in fact experiencing a major tourism development and the proximity to Italy - the two coasts are only 80 km apart - has favoured ship connections to and from Albania. The port of Brindisi and in particular the Bari Durres Ferrieshave become key elements for Albanian tourism.

Reaching Albania by ferry from Italy is very simple. The proximity between Albania and the Apulian ports makes it possible to reach by ferry from Brindisi and Bari to Albania in just 8 hours of navigation. Sailing from Ancona to Durres, Vlora or Saranda, the sailing hours become even 27.

Thanks to the 4 shipping companies connecting Albania with Italy by sea, the booking possibilities for your ferry are extensive. Every day there are day and night ferries to and from Albania.

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Ferries Albania Italy

What are the most popular routes, times and departure periods

As already mentioned, ferries between Albania and Italy are available daily on several routes from the Adriatic coast to the main Albanian cities of Durrës (the capital of Albania), Vlora and Saranda.

On Navitalia you can book a choice of no less than four ferry companies organising ferries to and from Albania: Adria Ferries, Ventouris Ferries, ES and Red Star Ferries choosing to depart from Ancona, Bari or Brindisi.

But which are the busiest routes to add the nation of the two eagles by ferry?

Bari Durres Ferries

The trafficking of Bari Durres Ferries is absolutely the most widely used and famous to Albania from Italy. This is thethe most served and is also very fast. During the busiest tourist periods there are up to 14 departures per week for each company ferry that operates this route. The ferry from Bari to Durres also takes only 8 hours of navigation to reach their destination.

Ancona Durres Ferries

The ferry Ancona Durres is often used to reach Albania from central and northern Italy by comfortably boarding one's own car and enjoying the crossing of the Adriatic Sea with the maximum comfort. For the Ancona Durres route there are 5 weekly departures for an average duration of 16 hours.

Brindisi Vlora Ferries

I Brindisi Vlora Ferries are the choice of those who want to arrive in Albania in the shortest possible time. The proximity between the two ports makes it possible to reach Vlora from Brindisi by ferry. in just 5 hours with the company Super Star Ferries. There are on average 6 weekly itineraries per company for this route.

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The Mediterranean and continental climates alternate as one leaves the coasts, washed by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, towards the hinterland, rich in hills that, in turn, give way to rugged mountains. In summer, the average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius and the humidity is very high.



The capital of Albania, it is a true metropolis in the heart of a valley between a lake and mountains. You can enjoy its historical and architectural charm by visiting the Et' Hem Mosque and its frescoes, Skenderbeg Castle, a monument located just outside the city that tells the story of the national hero, and Skenderbeg Square with its nightlife.


The second largest city after Tirana is home to the nation's main port. You will find one of the most popular beaches, Durres Bay, with its approximately 6 km of sand and accommodation facilities. If, on the other hand, you are looking for true tranquillity, the rocky beach of Bardhori and the Gjenerali beach surrounded by greenery are for you. Not to be missed is the Roman amphitheatre, romantically lit up at night. Daytime water sports on the beach and nightclubs in the city centre will complete your days in Durres.


Albanian civilisation was born in this city, which is developed near the lake that bears its name. It offers a visit to Shkodra Castle and the English Clock, which recounts the Albanian Middle Ages, landscapes that lend themselves to adventurous excursions, and bars and restaurants that are always ready to respond to tourists' requests.


Situated on the Otranto Channel, this town has the second largest port in Albania. Don't miss the extraordinary view from the remains of Kanine Castle, reached by an adventurous walk along wild paths. The bars, restaurants and nightclubs are excellent value for money.



Excellent puff pastry pie filled with minced meat, cheese and herbs; you can also find it on the street.


Second course of veal stew, slowly cooked in oil, garlic, white wine, tomatoes, onions or bay leaf.


You will find it in savoury dishes, sweet dishes or even au naturel: the Albanian people are excellent producers of yoghurt, which has an unmistakable, tendentially sour flavour.


In Albania, the animals are mainly reared in unspoilt inspazi and are allowed to feed naturally. This ensures that the flavour of the meat, once roasted, releases all the fragrances of an unspoilt land.

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