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Ferries Tunisia


One of the most interesting nations in North Africa, Tunisia, its hospitable people and its changing terrain await you just a few hours by ferry from Italy.

Ferries to Tunisia from Italy and Spain

I ferries to Tunisia are increasingly used by those who want to visit this wonderful country of the North Africa. Travelling by ship to Tunisia is easy thanks to the two companies - GNV and Grimaldi Lines - which connect Italy and Spain with Tunisia.

It is possible to leave for Tunisia from the main Italian ports bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea (Genoa, Savona and Civitavecchia, Salerno and Palermo) or from Barcelona.

The crossing to Tunisia by ferry varies in length depending on the route and company. The port of call on the North African coast is Tunis.

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Ferries from Italy to Tunisia

Tourism to this North African country has been increasing steadily for years and more and more tourists want to reach by ferry fromItaly Tunisia starting with their own car, motorbike, van or camper van.

The number of weekly routes is increasing and are available several departures within the week from various ports in Italy to Tunisia.

For example, you can leave by ferry from Salerno, Palermo and Civitavecchia in Tunis.

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Ferries to Tunisia

Routes, timetables, routes and all important information

We have seen how easy it is reaching Tunisia by ferry from Italy and Spain. Let us now delve into the most important routes with the information needed to choose and book.

Ferry Genoa Tunis

Also the Genoa Tunis Ferries are managed by the company GNV (Grandi Navi Veloci). It is possible to reach Tunis by ship from Genoa well three times a week. The duration of navigation is 22 hours.

Civitavecchia Tunis Ferry

The trafficking of Civitavecchia Tunis Ferries links Italy and Tunisia in just a few hours' sailing time. This is an itinerary that, compared to departures from Genoa, allows you to choose between one itinerary per week. The duration of the ferry trip from Civitavecchia to Tunis is of 20 hours and you can choose between two of Europe's leading shipping companies: GNV and Grimaldi Lines.

Palermo Tunis Ferries

La Tunisia is a land that will amaze you with its ancient and evocative city but also with its beauties natural, historical and cultural.

Take advantage of Palermo - Tunis Ferries and of all special offers for Tunisiayou will leave at the lowest price! You can also boarding your car or van in tow and travel without giving up all the comforts.

Salerno Tunis Ferries

Salerno - Tunis Ferries of Grimaldi Lines connect the port of Tunis to the Italian peninsula, and more precisely to the port of Salerno.

With Grimaldi Lines' routes to Tunisia you can discover a land full of sunshine and traditions, where you can spend a relaxing holiday, thanks to the beaches of white sand, to the mari transparent waters, to the cooking traditional and to thehandicrafts typicalthat of thesporting activity and the excursions.

Board your car or van on board our ships and travel in comfort. It is always useful to find out about the vehicle boarding procedures before embarking on the journey.

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The coasts of Tunisia present all the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate: the summers are hot and sunny and the winters mild. Proceeding inland, the climate becomes desert-like, with very high temperatures that, especially in summer, can reach 47° Centigrade.


The legal tender in Tunisia is the Tunisian Dinar.
The exchange rate is: 1 Tunisian Dinar = 0.4576 Euro.
All major credit cards are accepted.



Tunisia's capital, Tunis is the port city that will welcome you and reveal its many facets: you will be enraptured by its Medina, you will know how to have fun in the neighbourhood known as Burges du Lac and you will find the best synthesis of fragrances, flavours and colours in the thousands of souks that Tunis holds in its streets.


Once in Hammamet, relax at the Sidi Bou Hadid café, gazing at the panorama from its terrace. Its souks will enchant you with the thousands of handicrafts and endless spices that can only be found there. Inside the Medina you will find the Kasbah and if you are looking for the heart of Hammamet's entertainment, head to Yasmine Hammamet.



A very thin sheet of brik pastry, filled with eggs, potatoes, capers and tuna, fried.


is a stew of peppers, tomatoes, onion and garlic, flavoured with harissa, cumin and coriander. After cooking, eggs are laid and left to cook until the albumen is completely white.

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