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Ferries Sicily



The beauty of this island and the warmth of its people will make a stay in any of its localities an interlude of pure, ultra-sensory pleasure.

Ferries to Sicily from the main Italian ports

I ferries to Sicily are the solution adopted by thousands of tourists every year to reach the largest island in the Mediterraneanthe only one to be washed by three seas, a place where cultures and history. A magnificent place to live and visit famous for its foodfor art, the history and the warmth of their people.

Ben four companies organise ferries to Sicily all year roundensuring that tourists and others can reach or leave the island from the most important ports in Italy. For example the Genoa Palermo is one of the most renowned, as is the Civitavecchia / PalermoNaples / Palermo, Livorno / Palermo and Salerno / Palermo. But not only that.

From Palermo it is also possible to reach the Sardinia (Cagliari) and the Tunisia (Tunis), while ferries leave from Catania for Malta.

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Ferries to Sicily

Timetables, routes, periods and booking information

I ferries to Sicily which you can easily book online at are operated by four of Europe's most important shipping companies: Tirrenia, Grimaldi Lines, SNAV and TTT Lines.

Due to the large influx of tourists and others, ferries to Sicily from the mainland are available every day during all periods of the yearalso guaranteeing awide choice of timetables to meet all requirements.

Duration ferry navigation varies from route to route. From the longest, the Genoa Palermo, which employs 20 hours to port, to the shortest one such as the Naples Palermowhich only takes 10 hours.

Choosing a ferry to Sicily it is possible to land in ports by Palermo and Cataniawhile the cities from which you can leave to Sicily are Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Naples, Salerno and Cagliari. You can also depart from Sicily towards Tunis and the Island of Malta.

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Ferries to Sicily

What are the most popular routes, times and departure periods?

Reaching Sicily by ferry is possible from all major Italian ports on the Tyrrhenian coast, from Genoa to Salerno to the port of Cagliari. But that's not all, because from Sicily it is possible to embark towards Tunisia (Tunis) and the island of Malta.

But what are the timetables, durations and the most important and used ferry routes to and from Sicily? Let's find out together.

Ferry Genoa Palermo

I ferries from Genoa to Palermo and by Palermo to Genoa are among the most frequently used for those who want to visit Sicily by boat, perhaps with their own car or camper van. It is a long navigation of 21 hoursbut the comforts offered by the shipping companies are exceptional and the ferry from Genoa to Sicily will become a pleasure. As the Genoa Palermo is a very busy route there are up to 7 weekly departures.

Civitavecchia Palermo Ferry

I Civitavecchia to Palermo Ferries are among the most frequently used routes to get to Sicily by ship. This route connects Rome and all of central Italy with Sicily all year round given the large number of tourists and others travelling to the big island. Given the importance of the route Civitavecchia-Palermo there are up to 3 weekly departureswhile the average travel time is 14 hours.

Ferry Salerno - Palermo

La Salerno - Palermo route connects southern Italy with eastern Sicily, and then continues towards the coasts of the Tunisiareaching the Port of Tunis La Goulette.

La Sicily is known the world over for its white beaches, crystal-clear sea and unique cultural heritage. Palermowill surprise you with its liveliness, its Art Nouveau and Baroque style and its palaces and theatres.

Ferries to Sicily carry both passengers which vehicles and you can choose between different types of accommodation e on-board servicesspacious and comfortable cabins, all with private facilities, or more convenient solutions such as the armchair or the bridge crossingcommon areas with facilities such as a bar, restaurant, shopping centre and children's rooms.

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Ferry Livorno - Palermo

A direct link between the north of the peninsula, from the port of Livornoand western Sicily, at the port of Palermowhich also gives passengers the possibility of boarding a vehicle to be free to move once on the ground.

In addition, on the Leghorn - Palermo route the procedure of fast check-inwhich allows you to skip the queue at the ticket office and avoid stressful waiting!

Ferry Naples Palermo

Also the ferries from Naples to Palermo and by Palermo to Naples are often used to reach Sicily by sea. This route connects two of the most important cities in southern Italyboth famous for their history, traditions, food and people: Naples and Palermo.

Given the importance of this route i ferries connecting Naples and Palermo are available all year round with well 7 weekly departures. The average duration of navigation is 10 hours.

Ferries to and from Sicily: all routes

We therefore summarise all the routes travelled by ferries to and from Sicily.

  • Genoa - Palermo / Palermo - Genoa
  • Livorno - Palermo / Palermo - Livorno
  • Civitavecchia - Palermo / Palermo - Civitavecchia
  • Naples - Palermo / Palermo - Naples
  • Salerno - Palermo / Palermo - Salerno
  • Cagliari - Palermo / Palermo - Cagliari
  • Palermo - Tunis (Tunisia) / Tunis (Tunisia) - Palermo
  • Salerno - Catania / Catania - Salerno

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The Mediterranean climate is at its best in this sunny land with little rain in summer over most of its territory. In the mountainous areas, the climate is typically Alpine.



Lipari, Salina, Vulcano, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi and Panarea, a magical archipelago in northern Sicily, a World Heritage Site. Stroll through the alleyways of the villages, some of which are lit only by moonlight and stars at night, enjoy a drink in the pleasant seaside bars and during the day relax on the most beautiful beaches each island has to offer.


the Greek theatre of Taormina and the other remains of a glorious past, the streets of the centre where craft shops and small eateries alternate, the well-equipped beaches and the enchanting Isola Bella: Taormina should be experienced 24 hours a day and is suitable for all types of tourism.


Home to the island's main port and welcoming regional capital, Palermo boasts a remarkable collection of monuments to visit, paradisiacally coloured nature reserves, organised tours of the city and tours of its coastal marine waters by diving and snorkelling centres, the famous Mondello beach and an irrepressible nightlife.


Known to the world for its cultural side, which finds its greatest form in the Valley of the Temples, Agrigento is also home to the little-known nature reserve of Punta Bianca, the surreal, almost lunar scenery of the Vulcanelli di Macalube, the goodness of its cuisine, and the sandy coastline from Sciacca to Licata.



One of the most famous Sicilian recipes in the world that encapsulates the most typical flavours of the island's gastronomy.


It is a traditional Sicilian cake made with sweetened ricotta (traditionally sheep's milk), sponge cake, royal pastry and candied fruit. According to local variations, there may be additional ingredients, such as pistachio, pine nuts, chocolate, cinnamon, or orange blossom water.


The recipe for an irresistible dessert whose history goes way back. A recipe that is demanding in its procedure and requires raw materials of the highest quality to obtain a result close to that of the land where it is born and produced: Sicily. A rich and tasty dessert, famous throughout the world.


It is a Sicilian short pastry doughnut decorated with candied fruit and filled with a rich filling of dried figs, sultanas, almonds, orange peel and other ingredients that vary depending on the area in which it is prepared.

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