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Ferries Sardinia


Ferries to Sardinia from major Italian ports

I ferries to Sardinia are one of the most frequently used means of reaching the magnificent island. Sardinia is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. Le paradise beaches, the breathtaking coastlinethe good food and the movida make it a popular land for young people and families.

Thanks to the shipping companies such as Moby, Tirrenia e Grimaldi Lines you can book your ferry to Sardinia at any time of the year. You can land at Cagliari from the ports of Civitavecchia, Naples and Palermo; if you choose the port of OlbiaIt can be reached from the ports of Civitavecchia and Genoa; from the latter port it is also possible to sail to Porto Torres.

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Ferries Sardinia: Civitavecchia, Genoa, Livorno...

Many ways to reach Sardinia by ferry with Navitalia

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe by both foreigners and Italians, the ways to reach the Sardinia by ferry are many. On Navitalia you can buy any type of ferry to Sardinia easily, in a few steps and online.

You can choose to start from main Italian ports overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Civitavecchia is the port that offers more routes and ships all year round. From here you can in fact get to Olbia, Cagliari, Porto Torres and Arbatax. A little further north, the ferry Livorno-Olbia will allow you to be in Sardinia in a few hours. Even further north you can choose between the ferries Genoa Sardinia, opting for destinations such as Olbia, Porto Torres and Arbatax. From the ports of Naples and Palermo you can instead embark on ferries to Cagliari and by Pimbino you can go directly to Olbia.

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Ferries to Sardinia

What are the best routes, schedules and most popular destinations?

I ferries to Sardinia from the main Italian ports are disparate, as are the companies ships, the timetables and the periods of the year in which the trips are made.

The main ferry companies to Sardinia are Tirrenia, Grimaldi Lines and Moby and connect the island with the mainland all year round by both day and night sailing.

On you can compare prices and farestimes and buy your ticket online in a few clicks for Sardinia, the first step towards a relaxing and fun-filled holiday.

Let's look together at the routes connecting the mainland with Sardinia, the most popular ferries, timetables and periods of the year.

Civitavecchia Olbia Ferry

The ferry Civitavecchia Olbia is one of the most used to reach Sardinia from the port near Rome.

This route is offered for all year round by companies such as Tirrenia with night navigation. In the summer period, when tourism intensifies and ferries from Civitavecchia to Olbia are in greater demand, the number of weekly sailings increases. In summer it is in fact possible to navigate during the day taking only 5 hours to reach Sardinia from Civitavecchia, disembarking directly in Olbia.

All Civitavecchia Olbia ferries contain the most exclusive services and the journey to Sardinia will be pleasant, comfortable and the first step towards the start of your holiday.

Livorno Olbia Ferry

The Livorno Olbia ferry is another route often used for reaching Sardinia by ship. La close distance makes the port of Livorno, Tuscany, one of the most popular departures in the direction of Olbia.

La Livorno Olbia route is managed by the companies Moby e Grimaldi Lines all year round. You can book both night and day navigation from Livorno to Olbia and the journey takes on average 8 hours. In the spring period summer ferries from Livorno to Olbia are increasing to cope with the large number of tourists wanting to visit Sardinia. Daytime ferries become daily and given the more favourable conditions, the entire route can be covered in just 6½ hours.

Ferry Genoa Porto Torres

I ferries Genoa Porto Torres are among the most frequently used to reach the town in the north-west of Sardinia. Again, shipping companies such as Tirrenia operate all year round. The Genoa Porto Torres route includes daily night runs of the duration of 11 hours about.

D'summer as ferries between Genoa and Porto Torres increase, the daytime racing which last on average 10 hours.

Ferries Sardinia: all routes available from Navitalia

We therefore summarise all ferry routes to and from Sardinia offered by

  • Civitavecchia - Olbia / Olbia - Civitavecchia
  • Civitavecchia - Cagliari / Cagliari - Civitavecchia
  • Civitavecchia - Porto Torres / Porto Torres - Civitavecchia
  • Civitavecchia - Arbatax / Arbatax - Civitavecchia
  • Genoa - Olbia / Olbia - Genoa
  • Genoa - Porto Torres / Porto Torres - Genoa
  • Genoa - Arbatax / Arbatax - Genoa
  • Livorno - Olbia / Olbia - Livorno
  • Palermo - Cagliari / Cagliari - Palermo
  • Piombino - Olbia / Olbia - Piombino
  • Napoli - Cagliari / Cagliari - Napoli

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Immersed in the Mediterranean, Sardinia cannot but benefit from all the positive aspects that this sea gives to the lands it laps. Winters on the coasts are mild and summers are particularly warm and windy, with almost no rainfall.
Inland, the mountainous heart of the island, the temperature is cooler and in winter you can easily find snow-capped peaks.



The island's capital, this city stretches along the southern coast and offers a stay full of various activities. For more than 5 km stretches the pale sandy beach of Poetto, which in the evening enlivens its air with the music of the numerous kiosks scattered along the promenade. If you love history and art, Cagliari will be proud to show you all its past, gathered in museums, theatres and collections open to the public.


Probably one of the most evocative localities in Sardinia, Alghero is a canvas painted in just two colours: the green, of its astonishing parks, and the blue, of a sea that offers the relaxation of well-equipped beaches and the restrained fun of water sports. On summer nights, the historic centre comes alive with concerts and all the clubs stay open from morning until late at night.


Strategically located, it guarantees you the best that a holiday can offer: the beaches of Bados, Costa Romantica, Marinella and Pittulongu, renowned for their crystal-clear waters and fine sand, are in perfect balance with the liveliness of nearby Porto Cervo and its glamorous evenings, and with the sporting activities such as trekking and hiking that the various neighbouring promontories allow.


One of the most loved by tourists who choose Sardinia for their holidays. It is an alternation of white beaches of soft sand, breathtaking cliffs and lagoons, still home to the enchanting pink flamingo. In the evening, it is relaxing to stroll through the town centre, its streets full of cafés and the craft market, which colours the atmosphere.



Cheese produced from pasteurised Sardinian sheep's milk. It is the only Sardinian cheese that has been granted the D.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin) mark.


A typical crispy flaky bread that accompanies all dishes.


Flavoured by the aromas that characterise Sardinia (myrtle, wild fennel, thyme), the pork is cooked in various ways, all traditional, that guarantee its unmistakable flavour.


A liqueur obtained by macerating myrtle berries and, thanks to the alcohol level derived from this fermentation, is prized for its important digestive qualities.

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